I'm interested in mathematics

Mathematical notions collection

With stories and experiences we introduce children to mathematical notions demanded by the school curriculum, making mathematics meaningful to them and promoting, from a young age, they can establish a positive relationship with this discipline.

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I observe and recognize my surroundings

Perceptual development collection

With wonderful photos, we bring children closer to their environment, promoting the observation and recognition of their properties, as well as interpretation processes and obtaining information of reality.

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I develop as a person

Narrative texts collection

We promote the development of identity, the valuation and respect of differences, family diversity and the recognition of emotions, through stories.

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I find answers to questions I ask myself

Informative texts collection

In these texts children will find information that answers their concerns or curiosities. The information is presented in clear language, with adequate explanations for their age.

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I learn science, math and literacy

Instructional texts collection

Cooking, or making toys or crafts, children integrate and give meaning to learning math, science and literacy.

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