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This book puts children in contact with a nearby animal, the dog, which performs actions that are usual and central to children's lives: eating, sleeping, bathing, playing. Through this contact they get motivated to understand the quantities, making use of the quantifiers: "many", "few", "one", "none".

It also includes:

  • Interactive activities for children to learn and have fun.

  • Beautiful pictures of dogs.

  • Short texts, apart from images, so children can differentiate the image from the writing, and get interested in the written world.

  • Clear images that allow children to predict text content without knowing how to read.

  • Guidelines for parents so they can promote the construction of numbers from every day situations.

  • Proposals of activities for teachers so they develop in the classroom the notion of quantity, through the use of quantifiers.

Learning to develop: quantifiers (many, few, one, none) / notion of number
Collection: mathematical notions
Age: 2+ years old.