Visitando La Granja

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Visiting The Farm

This book takes children to a farm, where they learn about animals that live there and the activities they are doing. This reading introduce children to learn numbers, using a small range that helps them understand the processes of number construction (compare, decompose the number into addends, add, remove). It also brings them closer to more concrete forms of representation of quantities.

It also includes:

  • Interactive activities for children to learn and have fun.

  • Cute photographs of farm animals.

  • Short texts, separated from images, so children can differentiate the image from writing, and get interested in the written world.

  • Guidelines for parents so they can develop how to conprehend numbers from every day situations.

  • Proposals of activities teachers can perform in their classroom to work the processes of number construction.

Learning to develop: number construction / notion of quantity
Collection: mathematical notions
Age: 3+ years old.