We tell stories that relate to children experiences, knowledge and interests

That way, we capture their attention without external stimuli (flashy colors, sound effects, awards, etc.), and encourage them to explore and ask questions, making learning meaningful to them.

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We bet for simplicity and integration of all elements

In a world flooded with overloaded images and stimulus, we eliminate distracting elements affecting the development of the imagination, because they negatively affect learning.

We use photography

Through images of nature, people, objects and experiences, we bring children to the wonders that surround them, in order to awaken their sensibility, their capacity for observation and admiration, and enrich their vision of the world.

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We promote active, interactive and autonomous learning based on technology

We take advantage of technological tools to develop learning, linking children with them from an active role. Using them, we promote dialogues and activities, seeking to generate positive interactions between children and adults, and the development of their digital literacy skills.

We integrate learning the curriculum demands

To do this, we offer scenarios that allow children to understand how they work and what is the purpose of skills such as writing, mathematics or science. This way they can better be used in their daily life.

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